CDT volunteers are very special people. We come from many walks of life (nurses, lawyers, office workers, retirees, Animal Control officers, homemakers, students, entrepreneurs) and share a concern about how human actions affect companion animals. Our volunteers support our mission of finding permanent loving homes for all healthy, temperamentally sound pit bulls we bring into rescue.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age unless they are working with a parent or guardian. There are many volunteer opportunities available including:

CDT Alumnus Lucy and her favorite little human

CDT Alumnus Lucy and her favorite little human

  • Adoption Events - Volunteer for one event a month to help set up a CDT merchandise table, handle an adopt-a-bull during the event, sell merchandise and break down. Check out our calendar for upcoming events. Monthly commitment = One event or about 4 hours
  • Data Entry - Are you a pro at Excel spreadsheets? There is a lot of information that we must keep track of for each dog in the rescue. You can help us input data and keep our records up to date.
  • Reference Calls - Casa del Toro requires potential adopter/foster homes to provide multiple personal references. We provide the scripted questions to ask you just report back on the answers. Even if you can only help us by making one call a day that's a huge help. The quicker we process applications the quicker we can match an adoptabull with their next home!
  • Transportation - Transport foster animals to and from events or vet appointments. Monthly commitment = One trip or about 4 hours
  • Voice Mail Duty - Volunteers are assigned one week of voice mail duty. During the "on-call" week, volunteer listens to and appropriately forward voice messages within 48 hours of receipt. Monthly commitment varies depending on number of voice mails received. Prompt turnaround on each message is essential.
  • Website Designer - Help us keep our website up-to-date. Training is offered, so if you have time in front of a computer and are interested in learning more about website development. Let us know!

It is not necessary for volunteers to have previous experience working with pit bulls, or a shelter or veterinary settings. Initial and ongoing training is provided, allowing volunteers to achieve increasing levels of competency in animal care.

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