Name: Trudy

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: February 4, 2015

Size: 50lbs

Color: Red brindle


Trudy is finally living the good life. We met this this beautiful confident gal during our Kennel Enrichment Program Day of Service at the Indianapolis shelter and just fell in love. Trudy was confiscated by the police because her owner was physically abusing her but she shows no behavioral issues despite her past. You can see from her freedom ride pictures just how exhausting the shelter is for a dog, she couldn't even keep her head up for the ride to her foster home!

Trudy has a great ball drive and focus. She hasn't been shown a lot of affection before us so she's finally learning how loving people can be to their family pets. We're so happy she found a forever family to give her all of the love she missed out on before being rescued!