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Name: Rhett

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: May 30, 2014

Size: 55lbs

Color: Black and white


Hi! I'm Rhett! My favorite thing in the whole wide world is chase! I am playful and love ropes, toys, and to jump like a kangaroo. I definitely don't like cats but I am great with children!  Recently I've made friends with some fun kids - a 5, 8, 9, and 12 year old and we get along great. I like to ride in the car but sometimes it upsets my tummy after awhile.

You guys may remember me, my name was Ronnie and I was a member of CDT Class of 2015. So why am I back in the rescue you may ask? Well I hate to admit it but because I like food. I mean like, I'll thrown down if food is involved, or if I think food may be involved. You see I've lived with three cats and my canine sister (not literally) Scarlett for a couple of years and everything was great. Then about a month ago stuff changed. We have a new person living in the house (and I love that guy) but the change in routine and schedule really threw me off. One day about a month ago I'm in my crate with my empty food bowl and I see the cat go by. So I chased it and let me tell you that once I caught sir kitty it did not end well for him. My mom was so upset with me and loosing one of our kitty siblings again added more change. So in the past month I've been a jerk. I've chased my two other kitty sisters a couple of times and one time I went after my canine sister (again all because of food or my empty food bowl).

I've really thought about 'what's gotten into me' and I don't know if it's any one thing. I'm just older and  I think I would prefer a calmer home. I could live as the only dog, or maybe one other canine buddy but definitely no cats! I'm over cats and as far as I'm concerned they're just a bigger version squirrels.

So what do I like to do? I like long walks in the park, binge watching cooking shows (my current obsession is The Great British Baking Show, but I'll watch any of them), sleeping in and tug toys. You see, I'm pretty laid back. I'm not super energetic but I like a good game of fetch every now and again. Sometimes my version of fetch is more you throw the ball, I fetch it and then play keep away, but hey that's fun for me! I looooooooove car rides, but after about 20 minutes sometimes I get sick. I've been getting a couple of ginger snap cookies before car rides to see if that helps settle my stomach, but I don't know if it's really working or not, but I love them cookies! My forever family will be ready to shower me with lots of love and TREATS! Yep, I went there....I can't help it I love food!

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