Name: Preston

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: April 26, 2014

Size: 54 lbs

Color: Brown and white

Hi! I'm Preston.  

I'm a super social fella who is, medically, a hot mess. I'm told that this is just 'Phase 1' of my medical treatment and that I have officially started on the long road to recovery.

You see, I was on the rescue only list at the shelter because I'm a heart worm positive, intact male with a bad back leg/hip. That means not only am I an expensive dog to save (current estimate $4k), but I have months of medical recovery and rehabilitation ahead of me. Thanks to Casa del Toro for giving me the chance to live a life pain free. We're raising money to help pay my vet bills so please click the donate button and give today!

 Preston and foster siblings. May 2018

Preston and foster siblings. May 2018

My medical journey will start with heart worms treatment. Heart worms are transmitted by mosquitoes and in Indiana dogs should be given heart worm preventative monthly year around. Heart worm treatment takes about six months to complete. My foster mom will start me on a heart worm preventative, then I go to the vet for a shot and stay overnight for observation. When I'm released from the hospital I have a solid month of crate rest and leash walk only, because this is the most dangerous time in the recovery. Basically my foster mom said the shot that they give me kills the actual worms in my blood (-gross). Since the blood doesn't have the ability to filter debris out, the worm carcasses float around in my blood stream until they are re absorbed in the body (-okay that sounds kind of cool again). So the largest danger during this first month post treatment is the chance of a clot forming and causing a heart attack or stroke (-yikes). Luckily with crate rest and restricted physical activity the chance for a healthy recovery are high.

I love my foster siblings. We have a lot of fun playing and then snuggling together in a great big pile. I know that they will be at my side during my treatment which makes me feel better.

 Side saddle sit and scar on leg

Side saddle sit and scar on leg

Once I am medically cleared to be able to go under anesthesia I will be scheduled for a neuter. During my vet exam last week the vet investigated the scar down my back leg. X-rays show that I was probably hit by a car and didn't receive medical treatment. So either one of my testicles didn't drop or part of my car accident injury affected my testicles (since it appears I only have one) so I will have a little more complicated neuter surgery but I should make a full recovery. 

Then when I'm heart worm negative and neutered we will have had time to figure out a game plan for my rear left leg. I hurt it a while ago and Casa del Toro is waiting on x-ray results to determine the scope of damage. Physically, I don't like to use that leg, I'll lip or 'side saddle' sit to avoid putting weight on it so I have muscle atrophy and you can see a large healed scar my on caudal quadriceps. Tentatively the vet says I may need FHO surgery like my friend Benny, but we still have time to consider our options.


June 8, 2018
This guy spent the whole day at the vet yesterday for observation as he started his heart worm treatment. Doing well, no coughing, and very tired.