Name: Lyla Bug or Lyla or just Bug

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: TBD

Size: 40 lbs

Color: Red brindle

Hi I'm Lyla Bug. I prefer small animals, like cats and little dogs, but I get a little scared of dogs my size and above. I've also recently met these little humans, called children, and meh - I don't need them in my life. The little kids that I have met are too energetic and loud and just scare me. I'd rather just stay away from them if I can. 

Lyla Bug post surgery (1).jpg

I love car rides, swimming in water and going for walks. When I wear my harness my foster mom says I don't pull as much so we go for longer walks. I've been learning all kinds of obedience tricks like sit, down, shake (with both paws) and roll over in my foster home. I love my two sibling cats and new sibling puppy. My foster mom said I'll learn so much more when I have a forever family of my own because I'll learn how to be part of a family.

I had a little minor setback in December. You see, I love to eat and sometimes I get into stuff that I shouldn't. So I had to have a small surgery which resulted with me spending time right before the holiday's in the cone of shame. It's okay I deserved it. My foster mom got me a Bark Box so I regularly get new toys to keep me engaged and entertained.


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