Name: Lyla Bug or Lyla or just Bug

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: TBD

Size: 40 lbs

Color: Red brindle

Hi I'm Lyla Bug. My year didn't start off really good, but it's definitely looking up now. You see in March, not even six months ago, I was dying. I'm not being dramatic or embellishing my story. The fact was, I was starving and dying because of the junk that I was forced to eat to try and survive. 

My story begins when I walked into a local vet office with a developmentally disabled teenager. The boy wanted to help me but didn't have any money or the ability to feed me or provide ongoing care. The kind vet took one look at my emaciated body and accepted ownership in order to provide me with the emergency medical care I needed to survive. That same day I underwent exploratory abdomen surgery. They found all kinds of garbage (literally) that I had eaten in an attempt to stay alive. There was string, wires, rope, and something that became caustic in my intestines and I started to rot from the inside out (gross, I know...see I was really dying). So while under they removed the destroyed section of my intestines and spliced the remaining healthy sections back together. Then I began the long road to recovery and weight gain. 

After about a month of living in the vet clinic, I had had enough. So I made a big enough fuss until a kind vet tech took me home as a foster. I love my foster family! I get two square meals a day and lots of treats. I have pancreatitis because of the damage my system experienced from my starvation, but that doesn't slow me down. All having pancreatitis means is that I have to eat a special diet (easily digestible protein source) which is a little more expensive (my current dog food costs ($75/bag), but I know that my forever family will think that I'm worth the extra expense. 

I prefer small animals, like cats and little dogs, but I get a little scared of dogs my size and above. I've also recently met these little humans, called children, and meh - I don't need them in my life. The little kids that I have met are too energetic and loud and just scare me. I'd rather just stay away from them if I can. 

I love car rides, swimming in water and going for walks. When I wear my harness my foster mom says I don't pull as much so we go for longer walks. I've been learning all kinds of obedience tricks like sit, down, shake (with both paws) and roll over in my foster home. My foster mom said I'll learn so much more when I have a forever family of my own because I'll learn how to be part of a family.

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