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Name: Gidget

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: October 15, 2015

Size: 50lbs

Color: Blue Brindle

I like sleeping in and snuggling. You may say I'm a blanket hog, but I just know how to stay warm and I've master the wiggle and crawl method of maximizing blanket space. I think you should just be prepared with extra blankets. 

A little over a year ago I had knee surgery. It helped but I'm still a little wobbly and sometimes stairs are difficult for me. So I'm working on loosing some weight and I avoid stairs. I mean I can go up a couple of stairs, but I'm not doing a flight - period. I like to run short zoomies in the yard and I walk well on a leash.

I love food. All kinds of it. I have what you might call an iron gut - I can eat anything without it hurting my stomach. My foster mom said that if our weight loss regiment (eating small meals two times a day with snacks in-between and no people food) isn't working then we could incorporate green beans. I don't know what a green bean is, but I'm suspicious to say the least. 

I love kids and my solitude. I prefer to be surrounded by my human family. I'm tolerant of other dogs, but I don't really need any playmates. I don't like sharing.

So what's my dream family look like? We will live in a one-level home and sleep in as much as possible. Maybe take a brief walk once a day and play some fetch in the back yard. I'm not super active so I don't expect my family to be either. I would be the only pet in the home so that I can maximize attention, toys, treats, you name it. I will be spoiled with love and affection every day and I promise to share the same.

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