As a foster based rescue, the number of dogs in our rescue directly equals our number of foster homes we have available. We cannot stress enough how vital foster homes are to helping CDT save lives. In fact, check out the blog we wrote about the importance of foster homes!

Fostering involves opening your heart and home to a dog in need, while they wait to find their forever home. Foster homes provide the day-to-day care and love a pit bull needs and CDT provides everything else, the food, crate, and veterinary care. All of our foster dogs are assessed by a veterinarian to ensure they are free of heart worms, parasites, and fleas.


If you already have animals in your home, or live in an apartment, tell us about your current living situation. Tell us about the size of housing, any existing animals personalities and more. We will find the perfect fit for you and your family.  We'll also come to your house and supervise meet and greets between pets. 

Also, take a moment to read through our foster contract. This will help you identify questions for us and further clarify the relationship.

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What rescue did you foster for? How many animals?
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Experience and Behavior
We rescue pit bulls from Indiana animal shelters. New foster dogs are likely to exhibit behaviors such as jumping and barking. Some foster dogs may not be house broken or crate trained or were at one time but have forgotten the skills. We provide foster homes with training tips that quickly solve these issues and more.
Sit, shake, down, loose leash walking, tracking, agility, jumpy, mouthy, reactive etc.
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Please do not list relatives. Name and phone number.
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