The more you know

All dogs are individuals and we shouldn't expect them all to behave the same way. It's important that we, as advocates, talk about the actual dog that is in front of us and not make generalizations about 'all pit bulls'. 

One of the biggest myths that I still encounter is that 'pit bulls attack other dogs'. This just isn't true, it takes time to learn about dog tolerance levels and develop a better understanding. The most important thing to remember is that dog tolerance levels change over time.

  • Dog Social Dogs - truly enjoy the company of new dogs
    • Includes most puppies and a smallish percentage of adult dogs
  • Dog Tolerance Dogs - friendly or indifferent to other dogs. They tend to have a high tolerance for rude dog manners.
  • Dog Selective Dogs - can be testy with new dogs and choosy about who they accept as play pals.
  • Dog Aggressive Dogs - have a low tolerance for new dogs and few if any dog friends. A short fuse during dog play. Needs heavy supervision around dogs.
    • Most can gain better manners with training and smart socializing.

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day 2017

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. It is sad we must spotlight something so horrible, but necessary. It is not okay to passively accept dog fighting in your community because you ignore the problem. If you see something or hear something about dogs being fought, sold for fighting, or other signs that something isn't right in your community, contact the authorities! In Indiana call (317) 262-TIPS to anonymously report dog fighting. We challenge you to be aware of this every day, because it is out there every day, and dogs like our Jackie Blue, are the prime targets. We are overjoyed to share that Jackie Blue has been adopted! She will spend the rest of her life being cherished and treated like a part of the family. You know, if there wasn't dog fighting, we'd just call our dogs "dogs" and not "pit bulls"...think about it.

The Pit Bull Placebo

The Pit Bull Placebo traces the media's coverage and the reality of dog bite attacks from the end of the 19th century through to today. This is a great resource to learn more about how pit bulls are portrayed in the media.